March Hare

March 12th & 13th, 2016

Yvette Buigues OrangeLaughter

For a video preview of the show please click the following image or link. Contact me to inquire availability or to purchase one of the artworks shown:


Rabbits, rabbits, everywhere! Spring has sprung and we’re celebrating the ultimate symbol of vitality and prosperity for this time of year – the hare.

Delighted to have joining us from Emeryville, a special guest who has delved deeply into the archetypal energy of rabbit:


Yvette Buigues

Yvette Buigues sitting-hare200 Hares series. The hare has a rich history in folklore around the world. There are stories that tell of it’s courage and fear, its relationship to and use by the moon as a messenger to earth; the hare is associated with the Sun, fertility, the dawn, and even seen as a trickster.



Yvette Buigues red

The series “200 Hares” began, for Yvette, as she observed how family members were frozen when faced with their fears. It grew to include her own fears and actions. These hares are contemplative of everyday experiences and endeavors; they question themselves as they begin to face their fears, relationships and routines.  They pray, and realize that they are prey…

“200 Hares” wrestles with darkness as it gives way to light and humor. The pieces weave back and forth provoking the sobriety and joy that is emotional and physical growth.

Yvette Buigues M3Fear
Yvette Buigues M3Hope
Yvette Buigues M3Influences
Hope (Triptych)







Wait! There’s more!

Yvette doesn’t only do hares. Some other animals are coming to the party:

Yvette Buigues sitting-fox Yvette Buigues goat33

Yvette Buigues


To preview more of Yvette’s work:


mardi1And, Mardi Storm will be showing rabbit sculptural works including wall relief sculpture, and rabbits for adornment of your body! Celebrate spring and take home a rabbit!

Many other mythical creatures will be available too! 

IMG_5752 mardistorm blue bunny angel









mardistorm bunny hair clipsRabbit totem       dead bunny hairclip Mardi Storm

psst! Rumor has it the Easter Bunny is making an appearance!

rabbits Mardi Storm

Wild Hare Studio crop








View more of Mardi Storm’s work at

Thank you everyone for coming by and making this a very special first show of the season!! It was a huge hit even with the rain. I look forward to having Yvette back up again sometime. Do sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop on when she returns. 

A few photos from the show:






Also showing At the Yellow Duck location:


pie eyed

Pie Eyed presents:  ART + PIE

Nancy Mizuno Elliot  & Lauri Luck

Nancy Mizuno Eliot

lauri luck dog






Peanut in Pink Nancy Mizuno Elliott



As if art wasn’t enough…

Lauri Luck pie

Lauri Luck serving her famous homemade pies in Southern style! Coffee, pie, a comfy sofa, and delightful conversation.


Plus! Karina Nishi


 Nishi Marcus image002

All At the Yellow Duck landmark on Hwy 116!

2371 South Gravenstein Highway, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Saturday & Sunday, March 12 & 13, 12-4pm

Come on by!!

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