The Sound of Color

May 14 & 15

For a preview of the exhibit with artwork by Nina Canal and Mardi Storm, please watch the video:

Nina Canal Bewitched+Song+Bird+4

Nina Canal, painter, rock and roll musician, Tai Chi artist, presents her paintings that capture the flow of energy in sound, music, and movement.

Nina Canal Squid+(Skylark)

Nina is a well known guitarist, drummer, and singer from the avant-garde band Ut, part of the post-punk No Wave music scene from 1970’s New York City that exploded post Velvet Underground. After a long music career playing with Rhys Chatham and Ut, touring the world with the Fall and Birthday Party, Nina moved to Paris to pursue art and fashion.

Nina Canal

A native of Cape Town, South Africa,  becoming a Londoner at the age of six, relocating to NYC  after college in her 20’s, Nina felt she had truly come home in Manhattan, becaming part of the now famous, avant-garde art scene from 1976-’81, finding her mark as an artist and musician.



Today, having returned to the US from 15 years in France, involved in Paris art and fashion, Nina devotes herself to her paintings, and also teaches Butterfly Dragon Tai Chi, in Petaluma. Her work is intuitive and about energy. She describes her abstract paintings as being inspired by the earth and by nature, dialing up tribal echoes of a different paradigm.

Nina will demonstrate Butterfly Dragon Tai Chi onstage at 12:30 and 3pm daily.

Live music intermittently both days with Nina on guitar and chimes, Sufi musician Shafee Howard Ballinger on flute and winds, and on Sunday, Travis Wernet with didjeridu.

Plus: Resident artist Mardi Storm will be displaying photography mixed media collage dreamscapes of Nature.

Window Assemblages





And mythological sculpture

Seahorse photo by Pete Maxfield

Twilight Anima Rising by Mardi Storm

 Also showing At the Yellow Duck location:

pie eyed

Pie Eyed presents:  ART + PIE

 Guest artist: Roberta Ahrens




  And Lauri Luck:

Peanut in Pink

As if that wasn’t enough…

Lauri Luck pie

Lauri Luck will be serving up her famous homemade pies in Southern style! Coffee, pie, a comfy sofa, and delightful conversation.

Plus! Karina Nishi next door!
Nishi Marcus image003

All At the Yellow Duck landmark on Hwy 116!

Wild Hare Studio

2371 South Gravenstein Highway, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Saturday & Sunday, May 14 & 15, 12-4pm

Come on by!!

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