Soul Paintings

Creativity is a divine force, no two ways about it. Its a powerful opening. It opens the channels inside each of us to allow inspiration to flow through. Every human being can be creative.

Creative energy can be like a magic carpet ride, and it can also be a way that brings us to the place of no-mind, the quieting of thoughts that many devoted meditators seek. Access to the Deep Self, the part of us beyond our thoughts and perceptions. The part of us capable of opening to realities and consciousness far behind the scope of our human experiences.

Drawing from this deep well of the Soul Self, we come to know who we really are, and what we’ve come here to be. We can guide our own life’s journey from a place of a true compass, orienting ourselves to something much deeper than our values learned from home and culture.

And we can heal limitations to manifesting who we really are, offering deep healing to ourselves and our community along the way. The world becomes a brighter place.

If I could I would share my group participants’ journeys, but for now, I will share only my own paintings and some of the messages that have come through.

Originals and prints for sale. Many more than pictured here.




Passing Through the Mid-Life Moment Where Everything Gets Quiet





Recent Work








Approaching the Mid-Life Portal





Helping Hand


Journeys in the Underworld – Reclaiming Special Powers by Going Deep Down





Letting Go of the Family Legacy









Guidance from King Snakes and the Golden Mean




Death, Rebirth, and the Underworld Journey 



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