My work bridges worlds, crossing liminal spaces of transformation. I nurture the flames of soul longing and whim, creating from a deep connection to archetypes, mythology, and spirit realms.

I work in multiple mediums – painting and sculpture. The latter includes plaster, paper mache, resin work, and welding steel. 

Formally trained in painting at San Francisco State University, it was Burning Man that helped me break free of constraints of the art world, and with new found permission, produced several large sculptures for the event in 2000-2005. My art has appeared in newspapers, magazines, calendars and books nationwide and internationally.

Mardi-Storm-2014-web-500Later, I became immersed in intuitive process painting, which defied traditional fine art concepts and restrictions, which I found to be inhibiting my authentic expression. Seven years later I prefer this painting approach over traditional approaches and my work is regularly accepted into shows and galleries.

Previous experience includes public art installations at hospitals, working with structural engineers and OSH. I also have project managed art budgets up to $350,000 for an art consultant. I helped paint a mural on the outside of a children’s art center in St. Petersburg, Russia, as a way of bridging two nations creatively.

I live now in Cedaredge, CO with cats, rabbits, and beloved partner.

Besides art I offer transformational soul healing work and help light the creative fires in other’s hearts. Please visit for more information.

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Located in Cedaredge, CO. Phone: (415) 515-7995