Approaching the Mid-Life Portal

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I was called towards a lot of time spent painting during the year long deep retreat into myself after the horse accident. In 2016, many paintings began to emerge with a circular pattern of energy wanting to be expressed. The more I expressed it, the bigger this energy became. Eventually, in the Time To Go painting, I realized it was a portal.

Time To Go is 11-feet long, and I cannot express to you the joy it was to create such a large painting.


Passing Through the Mid-Life Moment Where Everything Gets Quiet

AdventureSoul Painting

A year long journey of deep self-exploration, which included SoulCentric Painting, followed an accident that cracked my pelvic bone in three places. As I explored the energies wanting to become known, a swirling portal of energy became evident in a series of paintings (see previous post). It climaxed in wanting to face this portal, to go through it (or not). I felt tremendous time pressure towards the end and finished it all in a flurry of energy.

Nearing the finish of this 21-foot long circular painting, I’d fortunately walked through to the other side, before a big wind knocked over painting boards in my outside studio, tearing the painting. I could not live with the tears, so I stitched it up.

At the time of this Mid-Life Portal Painting, big decisions had begun to percolate to the surface, choices around my career paths, with options before me. At the conclusion of this painting (approximately one month) I had made a major life decision, to enter grad school for a PhD in Clinical Psychology, with a focus on somatic and creative work! My intention is to continue this thread of healing through creativity and expand my ability to teach others in institutional settings.

It’s the Time Between Worlds

Soul Painting

This is my favorite time of year, when the air grows crisp, the nights cool, and change is palpable. It feels like magic in the air, the trees have been whispering all night, and the moon seems more eerie with rippling clouds passing over.

I get charged up with electricity but at the same time I turn my attentions inwards, wanting to nest more, be home, read, be creative. The irony is, the outer world appears to be a little nervous of this change and two things happen – people turn the time of Samhain into a kid’s holiday (hey, my inner kid loves it too) when its much more potent than that, and our culture also starts to rev up for the holidays. This means lights, noise, people, crowds, parties, and a busy schedule, all just around the corner.

But not yet.

I’m wondering if you are one of the ones who secretly or not so secretly want a little more time to yourself at this turning point, or at least if you are going to be around people, be around quieter ones who are also self-reflecting. Those who might enjoy grounding, meditative healing work that is terribly fun at the same time, and have the support of non-intrusive community. Those who wish to breathe deeply, being one’s authentic self, and sharing from a really deep and meaningful place.

Are you one of those people too? If not, no worries! And enjoy the Halloween parties. If you are one of those people, consider joining us for this next Time Between Worlds playshop, or one of the weekly classes running til mid-December.

No matter how you choose to be this season of change, I’m wishing you many blessings.

May your Halloween time be electric, mystical, delicious, or fun, as you wish!

Looking for new public display for Unicorn and Seahorse

For RentFor SaleHorsesSculptureSeahorsesUnicorns

hippocampus photo by Jim DerrI am looking for a place to loan the Hippocampus and Unicorn where it can be enjoyed by people. Both pieces are also for sale.

For the Hippocampus  (Seahorse) it needs a protected space – an office lobby will work, a vineyard tasting room, an event space, a covered patio in a semi-public area.

For the Unicorn (Twilight Anima Rising) outdoors is just fine, a spacious garden setting, field, or lawn is ideal.

Crucible Fire Arts Festival in OaklandThese art works have been on display and enjoyed by people in such places as Google Headquarters in Mountain View, Burning Man Headquarters in San Francisco, Russian River Vineyards & Corks Restaurant, Manzanita Restaurant, Treasure Island Music Festival, and more.

Seems silly to put them into storage or on my land where no one will see them. I’d appreciate your help connecting them with a new temporary or permanent (they’re for sale) place where they can be enjoyed.

Goose Girl's Best Friend (the Horse Head)Thank you!

Contact me through this website or call 415-515-7995.
ps. Also looking for a safe display space for one of my earlier works, a paper mache horse head that hangs on the wall. Also taking offers. Being an artist requires way too much storage!

Thank you.


Artist Mardi Storm

Wild Hare Studio Changes

AdventureArt Shows

With the 5 Planet Retrograde this month, everything in my life suddenly got put on the table in review. Without asking, without warning, without checking in with me first if I wanted to review my entire life and where I’m putting my energy. It just happened. That’s how it works. Listening to the energy, I stopped driving forward, I paused and questioned. Are things falling into place? Am I experiencing ease here or am I trying to make something happen?

No stranger to the awareness of allowing things to unfold, I’ve been in a state of flow and unfolding since a year ago last May when I was thrown from my horse and cracked my pelvis. As these things happen, it provoked a huge healing journey, of exploring deeper parts of myself that want expression. Each choice I’ve made, each launch I’ve made, has been absolutely the right choice. The quality of people who have shown up to take my Soul Painting classes and workshops, and the artists who have shown up to do an art show with me, has been astounding. Yet the question remained, why the energy wasn’t building at a more sustainable rate to meet the studio overhead. So I took a step back and began consulting other intuitive professionals for help to see what I couldn’t see.

Part of what was unearthed for me was straddling different worlds. For instance, I was deep in a semi-industrial fine art complex but offering super sensitive healing soul painting classes, and the two didn’t quite match in energy. I also have a fine art and welding side, so for me it works, in wholeness of all things, but for those who have not yet embraced the shadow sides of themselves, it might be a bit jarring passing through my neighbor’s junkyard to get to my studio. (Those who braved the junkyard passing felt it was very much an opportunity to literally move through our junk in order to get to our soul self and our light!) So, combined with a few other validations that it wasn’t quite the right spot for me, I decided to withdraw.

Immediately, I was met with relief. The idea of moving back to the incredibly beautiful and peaceful land that I live on in Occidental was surprisingly exciting to me. At least for the summer it’ll more than do as a place to be creative. I recognized the pressure I was under to make things work to justify my big overhead of that gorgeous studio, and while it has been the most amazing studio I’ve ever had, I recognized its simply the right choice to move on. Simplifying feels very potent to me right now, and I see how my energy was spread thin – having three locations to manage (I have a healing arts office downtown too).

I am super grateful for the creative inspirations that have come about in part from having this studio. I found more freedom with my own creative practices and artforms, in addition to classes and offerings. And what has slowly become clear for me is I prefer the sacred in art, the ritual in art, the magic other-sidedness in creativity. I don’t want to be under pressure to perform solely for commercial value. I value slightly different things than my neighbors, and that’s ok.

I will be looking for the perfect place more centrally located in downtown Sebastopol or Occidental to combine both my healing work and creative work in one space (please send any leads my way over the coming months of available houses or commercial spaces!!) My offerings are still happening – I’ll be looking for a new movie night venue, and a new classroom for painting… as for my art, well, I did create two permanent public sculptural works for hospitals in my own backyard. I think I can handle it – lol!

Thank you for all your love and support during this time. What I’d love in the form of support is coming to the last art show this weekend, making it a wonderful one to send energy towards continuing to do the shows in new places, and the last movie night – Griefwalker- is a good one too, and Soul Painting classes are running through May 25th – and then will take a break if I need to search for a new venue to host all the above.

Thank you to everyone who has visited and supported Wild Hare Studio, the classes, offerings, and its guest artists. We couldn’t have done anything without you being part of the equation.

Thank you for visiting the March Hare Art Show!

AdventureArt Shows

Thank you everyone for coming by and making this a very special first show of the season!!

If you missed the show,  you can see an overview here:

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 1.55.20 PM

Wild Hare Studio March Hare 2016

Many artworks are still available, simply inquire with me and I’ll handle the rest.




May artist Nina Canal and June artist Kimberley McCartney spotted at the show!


I look forward to having Yvette back up again sometime. Do sign up for my newsletter to stay in the loop on when she returns.

Journeys in the Underworld – Reclaiming Special Powers by Going Deep Down

Soul Painting

These past few months have been a long journey down, down, down. I keep wondering how much deeper down I can go, when a ravine will open up in a painting, plummeting me further down. Sometimes its a crack, sometimes much bigger. Either way I’ve now accepted the only way through this journey is to keep taking each portal down.

I’ve been finding important parts of myself along the way. Scary images appeared, hungry mouths, watchful eyes, lots of bones. A gold cage appeared, and it wasn’t until after the hand appeared in the cage that I found I’d reclaimed a missing part of myself, and began to write, in earnest. (The realization is almost always after the fact, not during. In fact it was a few weeks later that I realized what soul part I’d reclaimed – my youthful love of writing!)


Magical Hippocampus


Wonderful creatures, the sea horses. Ride the waves into deep waters. Pulling chariots or dancing in sea foam, these horses have captivated our imaginations for thousands of years. One of the earliest Grecian relics was a seahorse. Hippo is Greek for “horse” and kampos means “sea monster”, and its the name I use for these majestic beasts.

These large wall sculptures are perfect alone or combined with Kraken.

Indoor pieces unless specified outdoor as well:

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