Capturing Nature

One day, I realized my massive repository of photographs which I’d been taking for a decade, some of them studies for a painting that never materialized, held the key to the next phase of my creative journey. I loved to take photographs. Why not pore through them and pull out the ones that stand alone as art?

Sure enough, the first juried show I submitted to, I was accepted. And so began the next leg of my artistic endeavors. I don’t leave  home without my camera. I even go backpacking with it. I love spotting things that are perfect as they are. I never pose, assemble, set up, or rearrange what I find. I do as-is photography. Noticing the little things, the textures, the whispers between rocks and rusty discarded elements of human culture.

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Located in Cedaredge, CO. Phone: (415) 515-7995