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Nature Photography


I can’t stop taking photographs of all the natural beauty in the world around me. The Earth and all her living beings are just so beautiful. I can find the texture in a rock or log just absolutely exquisite. Its like I can feel and taste it at the same time, I get so excited by it. These are the really detailed photos I have to take.

Others, the contrast between two things, the living, the dead, its all beautiful to me. I appreciate the plants, animals, rocks, and rusting debris.

The mist rising from a steaming natural pool in the cold dawn’s light.

The rainbow colored algae mimicking living flesh.

The acorns hidden in holes by woodpeckers, or squirrels.

The tiny rock and bark dam painstakingly placed to cause the hot water, in a groove worn deep from time, to flow one direction and not the other.

Tiny choices is what makes up our lives, each tiny choice leading us in a totally different direction, one small step at a time.

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