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Of Merhorses and Hippocampus


Sea horses… ride the waves into deep waters. Pulling chariots or dancing in sea foam, these horses have captivated our imaginations for thousands of years. One of the earliest Grecian relics was a seahorse. Hippo is Greek for “horse” and kampos means “sea monster”, and its the name I use for these majestic beasts.

Hippocampus was first seen at Burning Man in 2002 and was a thematic piece for that year. It was my 3rd sculpture to put on the Playa. It also was put on display at Google HQ in Mt. View for a few years, at Burning Man Headquarters on 3rd street for a few years, and at Russian River Winery for a few years. This sea horse has been to quite a few festivals as well, including Treasure Island Music Festival, Decompression, and more.


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