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The Mystery of the Unicorn, a symbol for our culture


Twilight Anima Rising emerged in a dream, apparently tapping into the collective unconscious before the surge in popularity of the unicorn, debuting at an event of 60,000. Why now? Why this unicorn? Humankind has always been looking for the magic bullet, and the unicorn’s horn was said to cure every illness, and to purify poisoned water… so knights and kings went chasing unicorns for centuries in the Middle Ages. (It’s nice of the Nordic travelers to give them norwal horns to egg them on.)

This unicorn rose up out of the earth itself, with hundreds of tiny reflective mirrors on its horn – as if to say – “is this what you are looking for? What is the magic in this horn? You are.” For its only us who can solve the world’s problems, turn our poisoned waters clean again, and cure the illness we bring to our land.  And the time is now.

Who in their right mind would make a 10 foot high unicorn at a time when unicorns were hugely unpopular? (Oh, I heard about it, I spent 12 hours mudding this creature… and had tough men as new convert unicorn lovers.) This kind of message isn’t what you would call popular, not 15 years ago. The time is now to recognize there are no panaceas. We have to face the shadow of humanity and our relationship to the earth, right now, ourselves. We can’t expect miracles to save us and magic horns.

And, unicorns are finally cool again. As they should be. They’re a very potent and powerful archetypal energy!

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